Waypoints на карту cs nnd для podbot, закон о реклама 2016

Full Package of Podbot mm contains: Configs Waypoints pbmm_v3 Docs Bots Chats dll, i386.so, amd64.so. Compatible with CS 1.5, CS 1.6 and Condition. EPB Waypoints Request Pack 5 ( WTJ GarlicSoldier) de_dust_krystal578, de_lust for many cool custommmaps, CS:CZ-maps, 1.6-maps etc. Download. Pb wp teleport camp - As above, but instead value You write "camp" - it teleports You to the next waypoint number.

This thread is dedicated to podbot_mm waypoints (for pwf and not for nav files). it's useful to regroup the maximum of them in only one thread.

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